Parking Lot Drainage Solutions: Common Drainage Issues

Parking Lot Drainage Solutions: Common Drainage Issues

Why draining solutions are important for parking lots.

Does your parking lot have potholes and cracks? Do not overlook seemingly minor issues in your parking lot drainage system. Drainage problems can cause trouble for you and your customers in the form of accidents that lead to expensive lawsuits. If your business has parking lot drainage problems, there are drainage solutions available.

Parking Lot Drainage Solutions

If your commercial parking lot develops a pond of water after the rain has passed, this eyesore will deter customers from visiting your commercial establishment. Standing water can slowly penetrate through the asphalt and damage the pavements. The issue may be because the parking lot lacks a sufficient slope to lead water away from the surface. A solution to this is to install an effective slope that will lead the excess water towards the drains.

Heavy storms can leave debris that may clog your drains over time. The backup of silt and tree roots will be difficult to remove, especially in severe weather conditions, so be sure to schedule an annual sewer drain cleanout.

If you notice crumbling in your catch basin or manholes, you should call a professional to fix your parking lot drainage system. If left unnoticed, these elements can become safety hazards.

Water Damages Parking Lots

Water can be a silent but deadly intruder in parking lots. Puddles may seem harmless at first, but they can creep into cracks and speed up the deterioration of your asphalt pavements.

Extensive damage caused by prolonged water exposure on asphalt pavements cannot be detected until it is too late. You will not see the issues developing, and the damage may be so extensive that you will need professionals to perform the asphalt repair.

Drainage Issues are a Serious Threat

Drainage issues are a serious threat to the integrity and functionality of your parking lot. If you lack the proper parking lot drainage system, you may encounter various drainage issues as time progresses. Parking lot drainage systems with diminished functionality can produce unseen problems and are costly to repair.

Without the right parking lot draining solutions, major drainage issues can cause an extended time with the loss of business due to repairs. It may be a comfort to know that most parking lot drainage issues can be solved with regular parking lot maintenance.

Solving Parking Lot Drainage with Professional Services

If your parking lot drainage systems have problems or you may need additional parking lot maintenance services, our professionals in Tampa have you covered.

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