Why Parking Lot Drainage Systems are Important

Why Parking Lot Drainage Systems are Important

Understanding the Importance of Parking Lot Drainage Systems

Parking lot drainage systems play a key role in the longevity of your parking lot while also saving you money in repair costs. Standing water is a safety hazard for your customers that can also damage the surface of your parking lot. Choosing to reach out to a company that specializes in parking lot drainage systems is essential to minimize long-term damage.

Here are a few key points to understand the importance of a parking lot drainage system for your property.

How Standing Water Damages a Parking Lot

Standing water can quickly accelerate the deterioration process of asphalt pavement. One way to mitigate water damage is to invest in sealcoating services for your parking lot.

Sealcoating gives your parking lot an extra layer of protection from water and can play a crucial role in maximizing the durability of your parking lot. Typically, it is a good idea to sealcoat your parking lot every 3 to 4 years for the best results.

Common Signs of Water Drainage Problems

One of the most common signs of a drainage problem is large pools of water on your parking lot following a storm. You will often see sand and dusty residue in low spots of your pavement, as the water breaks down your parking lot. Contacting a company that specializes in parking lot maintenance is key to repairing any drainage issues.

Solutions to Parking Lot Drainage Problems

The slope of your parking lot plays a critical role in the effectiveness of your water drainage system. Asphalt curbing can also help direct the flow of water into a grassy area. Strategically placing drains in your parking lot can help you with any drainage issues. An experienced parking lot maintenance company can help you find the solution that best fits your situation.

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