How to Conduct a Pavement Assessment

How to Conduct a Pavement Assessment

A pavement assessment is necessary before a paving project can begin.

A yearly pavement assessment is important to maintain your asphalt parking lot. These pavement assessments are an excellent way to remain proactive and identify any areas of your parking lot in need of repairs. Reaching out to a company that specializes in asphalt repair and maintenance is a great option if your property is in need of asphalt services.

Here are the steps that an asphalt paving company will perform to conduct a pavement assessment for your HOA or condominium parking lot.

#1 Visual Assessment

A parking lot maintenance company will conduct a visual assessment for your entire parking lot. A visual assessment can identify any pavement surface distresses that may result in long-term damage. These professionals will rate the condition of the pavement while also taking photos and writing down descriptions of the various pavement issues. All of this information plays a crucial role in planning parking lot repair services for your property.

#2 ADA Compliance Check

A pavement assessment will also include an ADA compliance check. Remaining within ADA guidelines is key in avoiding fines while also creating a safe and welcoming environment for everyone that visits your property.

A few examples of ADA compliance guidelines include providing a ramp with a maximum slope of 1:12, top and bottom landings, and all edges must be properly flared. A company that specializes in ADA ramp installation will ensure that your property remains up to date with the latest regulations.

#3 Maintenance Recommendations

The final stage of a pavement assessment is to offer maintenance recommendations. These recommendations may be wide-ranging, depending on the condition of your parking lot. You can learn even more detailed information about the overall pavement structure by letting an asphalt company drill various four-inch cores into the pavement. Inspecting each core for signs of decomposition can provide you with valuable information and can help you determine future maintenance activities.

Schedule a Yearly Pavement Assessment to Maintain the Integrity of Your Parking lot

Remaining proactive and keeping your parking lot in excellent condition is a top priority for any property. It is imperative to schedule or conduct a pavement assessment on a yearly basis to ensure that your parking lot always remains in top-quality condition.

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