How Does Parking Lot Cleaning Affect Your Lot’s Overall Performance?

How Does Parking Lot Cleaning Affect Your Lot’s Overall Performance?

Parking lot cleaning services to improve your property.

The parking lot is the first thing owners and other essential guests access when visiting your property. Ultimately, parking lot conditions and cleaning are key and help in prolonging the lifespan of your asphalt paving and improves the overall curb appeal of your property.

The Dirty Truth behind Parking Lots

Still, don’t believe that cleaning your parking lot routinely is essential? Here is the dirty truth behind your parking lot:

  • A dusty parking lot is a health hazard during windy days, as the wind picks up dirt and dust, causing health problems and allergies
  • Failure to perform parking lot maintenance results in dirt, dust, salts, debris, and gravel accumulation in the parking surface posing hazards to vehicles and pedestrians. If accidents occur due to negligence, you’ll be held responsible
  • When gravel and dirt accumulate on the parking lot surface, it makes the surface unstable. This increases the risk of skidding if a motorist brakes suddenly
  • Debris accumulation can cause regular slip and falls for pedestrians and pose a liability issue for you
  • Letting the dirt and sand accumulate can obstruct pavement markings. Hence, your parking lot will not provide clear vehicle travel as these markings guide both vehicular and foot traffic.
  • As dirt accumulates on pavement cracks, it becomes a breeding ground for water intrusion over time, eventually destroying your parking lot

5 Ways Parking Lot Cleaning Benefits Your Business

Creating a Good First Impression

Research indicates that a tenth of a second is all you have to make a great first impression. You, therefore, need to make sure that every aspect of your property creates an excellent first impression, including your parking lot.

Although many people give attention to how the parking lot looks, they’re more likely to note if it’s in poor condition. In such a case, they’ll conclude that you lack value for your property. Maintaining your parking lot in good condition makes your customers feel warm and welcome, besides leaving them with a subtle yet impactful first impression.

Minimizes Local Waterways Pollution

Cleaning your parking lot regularly ensures that no metal particles, harmful chemicals, and debris drain into the nearby sewer system or bodies of water. As a result, you play a part in conserving natural habitats and wildlife!

Prevents Premature Deterioration

Failing to perform proper parking lot maintenance leads to slit and debris buildup, eventually causing surface wear. Not to mention how sand, dirt, and garbage creates wear on your asphalt paving and thereby speeds up the deterioration process. When that happens, the solution is to seek asphalt repair services.

Discourages Littering

People tend to litter unmaintained areas. When you keep your parking lot clean, you set a respectful behavior that makes people refrain from littering. To further discourage littering, consider placing trash cans at accessible places, and have a trash pickup routine.

Parking Lot Maintenance Tips

Besides eliminating parking lot stains, removing weeds, and debris accumulation, you also need to perform regular repair maintenance. Depending on the type of damage to your pavement, available asphalt repair options include:

  • Sealcoating- this exercise needs to be done by a professional asphalt and concrete services provider. It protects your parking lot against ultraviolet rays and oxygen, which makes asphalt brittle, hence making it crack. A cracked parking lot surface allows water to pass through and create water pools beneath the paved surface, which further creates more cracking and a higher cost for you to repair in the end.
  • Striping- parking lot lines tend to lose their crisp format after tropical weather hits. The lines fade away after extended exposure to ultraviolet rays and precipitation. Parking lot striping improves the traffic marking on your lot, allowing the overall safety of both drivers and pedestrians.
  • Crack filling- this parking lot maintenance practice prolongs the lifespan of your parking lot’s blacktop. Crack filling prevents water intrusion and weed growth on those cracks which weaken your pavement. Besides, crack filling eliminates the need to rebuild your parking lot!

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