How Sealcoating Will Prepare Your Tampa Parking Lot For Summer

How Sealcoating Will Prepare Your Tampa Parking Lot For Summer

It’s time to get your Tampa parking lot in perfect shape for the upcoming summer.

Floridians who grew up in the sunshine state and those who have lived here for years understand what Tampa Bay’s summers are all about. It won’t be long until the temperature hits 90 degrees Fahrenheit on a regular basis.

Asphalt is Fallible

The asphalt surface of your Tampa parking lot will absorb and retain the summer heat, hit temperatures over 100 degrees Fahrenheit, and possibly even become sticky. Though asphalt is quite durable, the blazing sun is sometimes just too much.

The sun’s powerful UV rays combine with oxygen and break apart the chemical bonds that provide asphalt with its strength. Asphalt will eventually become weak after extensive sun exposure. It can become brittle to the point that it proves highly prone to damage unless properly sealcoated.

Let Parking Lot Professionals Sealcoat Your Tampa Parking Lot

You likely put sunscreen on your arms, legs, and face when heading outside on a sunny day. The same should be done for your asphalt in the form of a Tampa parking lot sealcoating. A sealcoating serves as a protective barrier that prevents considerable damage to your Tampa parking lot. This protective layer will shield against sun damage, water damage, and consequential potholes and cracks.

The most common type of asphalt damage is cracking. Cracks small and large have the potential to dramatically reduce your parking lot’s appeal, functionality, and safety. Cracks pose a danger to customers as well as employees. A parking lot that is warped, decayed, or otherwise unsightly can make the difference between a steady stream of pleased customers and disappointed customers who spread the word about your property’s poor condition.

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