Ensure Your Commercial Property Has an ADA Compliant Ramp

Ensure Your Commercial Property Has an ADA Compliant Ramp

How to Ensure Your Commercial Property has an ADA Compliant Ramp for Your Parking Lot

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requires businesses to follow specific guidelines for building new parking lot ramps and renovating existing ones. Working with a company that specializes in ADA ramp installation in Tampa for parking lots is essential in maintaining compliance guidelines and avoiding costly violations. ADA ramp installation for a parking lot makes it easy for customers in wheelchairs to visit your business while also creating a much safer environment.

ADA Ramp Guidelines for Parking Lots

Understanding the ADA compliant ramp guidelines for parking lots is essential for any business owner. A parking lot ramp is necessary for your business to accommodate any changes in elevation that are more than half an inch above the ground surface or floor. A perpendicular curb ramp is the most common type of ADA compliant ramp, as it intersects the curb at a 90-degree angle. These parking lot ramps must have flared sides with specific slope requirements depending on the width of the sidewalk. However, flared sides are not necessary if pedestrians aren’t required to walk across the ramp, as you can use returned curbs instead.

Slope Requirements for an ADA Ramp for Parking Lots

The running slope for an ADA ramp must not be greater than 1:12 and the cross slope must not be greater than 1:50. However, a steeper slope is allowed for existing facilities that do not have the extra space for a more gradual slope. The minimum width for a parking lot ramp run is 36 inches of clear space without including the flared sides. Detectable warnings must also be included across the full width and depth of the ramp to alert pedestrians of potential traffic in the parking lot.

Other Types of Parking Lot Ramps

Alternative ADA compliant ramp designs for parking lots include a parallel curb ramp and a combined curb ramp. A parallel curb ramp uses a landing in the middle to join two ramps together. These ramps are always parallel to the curb and usually include the entire width of the sidewalk. Combined curb ramps use both perpendicular and parallel ramp designs while using a separate ramp to connect each section. Always reviewing your local and state jurisdiction requirements is important because these laws may have stricter guidelines than the ADA.

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