How Sealing Asphalt will Save Money

How Sealing Asphalt will Save Money

Sealing asphalt will improve your parking lot and help you save money on repairs and maintenance.

Sealing asphalt is an absolute must for every Florida property owner. If your parking lot has not been sealed, it is wearing away much faster than it should. It is wise to invest in parking lot maintenance to avoid spending more on costly repairs in the long run. Sealing asphalt saves you a considerable amount of money on repairs and also delays the need for eventual replacement.

Have your parking lot sealcoated every two to three years and you will save on asphalt repair and parking lot maintenance costs. Below, we provide a quick look at the process of sealing asphalt and the merits of this protective layer.

Preparation is Essential to a Successful Sealcoating

The first step to seal asphalt is an inspection of the property itself. The entirety of your parking lot must be evaluated by an experienced parking lot paving crew to determine if there are cracks, potholes, or other flaws. Any damage must be addressed before the sealcoating project can begin.

The repair of cracks and holes prevents water from seeping down when it rains. Furthermore, the prompt repair of potholes and cracks will also help reduce the potential for larger, more expensive repairs. In fact, these holes will have to be sealed so they do not gradually worsen as time progresses.

The Sealcoating Process

Once your parking lot is cleaned and repaired, it is time to perform the sealcoating. Asphalt sealant is applied to your entire parking lot. The process required to perform the sealcoating involves covering up repaired cracks and holes along with sealing the asphalt. Sealing asphalt is necessary to prevent damage from the sun’s UV rays, moisture, automotive fluid spills, and other threats.

Sealcoating also provides the added benefit of enhancing the look and visual appeal of your parking lot. Once the sealcoating project is complete and has cured your parking lot be aesthetically pleasing.

Sealing asphalt gives your property a meaningful competitive advantage over those who let their parking lot wear down to the point that it becomes unsightly and/or hazardous to traverse.

The Final Step

Once the team is finished with sealing the asphalt, it is time to add the final touch in the form of new striping. The addition of new lines makes it easier for customers to find their way around the lot in an orderly and safe manner. The newly-painted lines will look fantastic in contrast with the rich black hue of your newly-sealed asphalt. The end result will be an immaculate parking lot that proves safe and easy to navigate.

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